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New jewelry thing: hairpins! [15 Feb 2015|09:59pm]
Since I was sharing a booth at Birka with Hairstory, I tried out making a whole pile of different types of wire-and-brass-decorated hairpins. They seemed to go over well -- I sold about half a dozen at Birka (and they looked great decorating actual people's hair) -- and I've added the currently available ones to a new hairstick/hairpin section on my website (which sadly is pretty out of date in the other sections at the moment), and will soon add them to my Etsy shop. Here's what the first batch looked like, though there are some additional new ones now (click to embiggen):

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Seeking (somewhat desperately at this point) a ride home from Birka for me and luggage [13 Jan 2015|10:18pm]
Is anyone going to Market Day at Birka who would be able to help me and a number of bags get back to Belmont MA afterwards? (Or knows someone who might?) I would happily pay for a tank of gas, and I could leave any time Sunday or even Saturday night after merchants have packed up. I’ve already queried the Carolingia list but only have a response from someone who could help transport me but wouldn’t have room for the bags. If anyone could help with either person or luggage, or in an ideal world both, that would be incredibly helpful. Let me know any leads please! (Apologies to those who see this in multiple places.)
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New type of jewelry thing I made! [02 Jan 2015|10:43pm]
I actually took a vacation recently, over the holidays, and went to several museums: the ICA, including the fiber exhibit, and the Peabody-Essex, and a craft gallery or two. Whenever I look at museums or high-end craft shows I end up coming away enthused to try out some new things craft-wise.

Back in the day, I used to do a lot of wire wrapped glass gem pendants. I haven't used them much recently, but I've been using brass stampings all the time, at first mainly on key pendants and now branching out to pieces that are just stamping and sculpted wire. This new thing is a glass gem surrounding by ivy vines and crystals and lots and lots of wire. I'm pleased that I was able to make everything attach firmly. (As usual, there's no adhesive or heat applied here anywhere, just wire cold connections.)

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[13 Mar 2014|11:43pm]
Also, I finally updated my pendants page with the new pieces I have available currently. If you haven't looked in a while, take a peek -- I'm pretty pleased with the things I've been making. http://www.aralis.net/owl/beadwork/pendant.html
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New work! [28 Nov 2013|07:02pm]
In the past I've made glass gem pendants and braided wire bracelets:

I just came up with a way to shift from a wire wrapped glass gem to a braid and back. I also finally tried out the leaf-ended torc I've been thinking about doing for an awfully long time now. I like how all of these came out, and have more ideas for other pieces to try.

These pieces will be available soon in my Etsy shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/silverowlcreations. If you want to hear when new pieces go up, I post on my jewelry Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/SilverOwlCreations.
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I would like my friends page per-entry colors to not be screwed up, pls [30 Oct 2013|10:53pm]
Because it looks seriously incorrect.
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Aralis Sept 2013 wordle [18 Oct 2013|12:45am]
And while I'm at it, an Aralis one too:

Wordle: DionneSept2013

Unsurprisingly, it's full of Bane. And people.
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Clockwork Skies PEL wordle [18 Oct 2013|12:40am]
Been a while since I did one of these!

Wordle: TessOct2013
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This. [05 Sep 2013|12:04am]
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[20 Aug 2013|06:29pm]
I think this is worth reading.
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[22 Jun 2013|03:50pm]
I just read Redshirts, by John Scalzi. I really liked it. Especially the endings.
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Useful link: pill identifier [23 May 2013|08:57pm]

This also lets you determine the manufacturer of your medication. This seems really hella useful, especially because there is some scary stuff going on with bad/fraudulent generic meds by certain manufacturers, esp Ranbaxy.
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I liked this so much I'm posting it here [14 May 2013|10:00pm]

I kind of want a periodic table poster with all of them.
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Hunting a ride for May Aralis [14 May 2013|08:32pm]
Since A. is going to another larp, I need to arrange a ride to and from the upcoming Aralis event. While being picked up at my place would be great, I can get to anywhere on the T if need be. I wouldn't be able to leave work until 5 pm that day, sadly. I'm always happy to cover the gas. Please drop me a line if you might have space for a person + not too very much stuff (lg bag, sleeping bag, staff). Thanks!

[ETA: I am now all set! Thank you so much.]
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Vending this weekend at the Boston Burlesque Expo! [29 Mar 2013|06:58pm]
This weekend I'll be at the Boston Burlesque Expo at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, selling from a 'Salon' (dealers row) room. While the burlesque shows are ticketed, $15 gets you in to burlesque basic classes, a costume exhibit, and the shopping. Drop by!
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[09 Jan 2013|09:17pm]
These are really excellent: http://asoftertrek.tumblr.com
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Anyone need titanium/niobium ear wires? [08 Jan 2013|01:01am]
I'm about to make an order of titanium and niobium ear wires. If you're someone who has trouble with reacting to ear wire metals, these would probably be great for you -- it's very rare for anyone to react to niobium, and I've never heard of anyone reacting to titanium (and neither has the supplier).

Niobium hook ear wires come in bronze, yellow, (a fairly light/bright) green, steel blue, turquoise blue, dark blue, purple, and pink, and are $2/pr.

Titanium hook ear wires come only in silver-gray, and are $1/pr.

Titanium ear posts with ball, loop, and titanium clutch are $15/pr (yes, a lot more -- there's a lot more metal in them).

If we order a whole lot, costs would go down a bit.
Let me know if you want any -- I plan to order this Wednesday.
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[15 Dec 2012|02:34am]
This pleases me greatly. http://larptrek.com/
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Selling jewelry at Pandemonium's Holiday Geekfaire Sunday 12-6 [15 Dec 2012|01:21am]
I'm vending this Sunday at the Holiday Geekfaire at Pandemonium Books & Games in Central Square. I'll have lots of new key pendants and new earring styles (like everything at my Etsy shop, plus several dozen more key pendants -- I have 28 tiny ones that are almost done). Pandemonium is a great F & SF bookstore, with new and used books, and they're giving 5% off purchases for every Geekfaire seller you buy something from, up to 20% total. Geekfaire runs from 12 to 6 pm.

I'm also hunting some ride help to get me and my wares to Pandemonium sometime between 9 and 10 am -- A. has a conflict that came up at the last minute -- and/or home around 7 pm. Please let me know if you might be able to assist.
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[30 Nov 2012|12:10am]
I was sad to see that the old FGS newsletters (and in fact the website, at all) are apparently no longer online, nor are the game quotes that were on brsp (except the ones I had on my site, which I moved here: http://www.aralis.net/owl/gaming/index.html). I do however still have those old newsletters, with their quotes. Maybe I'll put them up again on my site. I have a particular fondness for the old Flicker and Forever After quotes.
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